Family Fitness

Healthy living is a habit worth sharing. Find a place for your family to stay fit at the Southwest YMCA.

Family Fitness Schedule

Family Swim10:00am-3:00pm11:30am-5:30pm; 8:00-9:00pm11:30am-9:00pm11:30pm-5:15pm; 7:00-9:00pm11:30am-4:45pm; 8:00-9:00pm11:30am-9:00pm1:00-6:30pm
Family FitnessFamily Fitness** 6:00-7:00pmYouth Kickboxing 6:15-7:00 pmFirst Friday Family Fun Night**
Other OpportunitiesFamily Pickleball 5:30-7:30 pmYouth Fitness Training*

All programs are free for our members. Most family activities are well suited for kids ages 5+, some activities are great for kids age 8+ with or without a parent.

*Youth Fitness Training requires registration and fee.

** First Friday Family Fun Night and Family Fitness runs the first Friday of the month during the months of September-May.