Group Training and Specialty Classes

Do you have a goal or want to try a learn a new skill?  We have some adult classes to do just that!

Small Group Training

Certified Trainers help you reach long and short term goals as well as educate you to become self-sufficient with workouts and goal setting.  Group Training is a month long session.

Monday and Wednesday 7:00 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm


Adult JuJitSu

A self-defense art that incorporates blocking, striking, kicking, grappling and throwing techniques.

Thursday  7:00-9:00 pm

Member: $42/month
Non member: $63/month


Ballroom Dancing

You will learn the basics of Foxtrot, Swing and Waltz.  Learn footwork, frame and hold, lead/follow, body movement, count and line of dance.  Partners recommended but not required.  Hard-soled shoes required.

Contact Shelby to book your Ballroom Private lessons.